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About Ayurvedic Herbal Supplements

Where does these products come from?

These products are from leading manufactures of Ayurvedic Products like AryaVaidyasala, Kottakkal, Vaidyaratnam Oushadhasala, Charak Pharma etc.

What if I need help with choosing the product?

Please consult your ayurvedic consultant or physician or Contact the Safehealthcafe consultant here
Consult Doctor

About Shipping

What is your delivery time?

Your order is usually shipped the day after it is received. Our normal delivery time is 10 to 14days. We do offer faster delivery options at extra cost. Please email us at customerservice@safehealthcafe.info for details

About Ordering

Placing Your First Order?

Placing an online order with ayurvedaforall is easy -- you don't even need to create an account first. That will come at the end after you've found everything you need for your health!!

Finding What You Need

SafeHealthCafe has tried to make finding the right ayurvedic products for your simple. You can start anywhere on practically any page to find just what your needs.

You can do a search in the box that is conveniently located on the left side of nearly every page (you can narrow your search by selecting health care, skincare or hemiplegia.) If you just want to browse, there is a complete list of our product categories, broken down into sub-categories, also conveniently located on the left side of nearly every page, letting you see everything that SafeHealthCafe has to offer in a specific category.

Want to be able to just see the products which are just for your particular type of? Click on one of the tabs located on top, and then go directly to the exact type of product you need.

Once you've found the product that interests you, just click on it to find more information about it.

There are so many ways to find what you need; unfortunately we can't list them all here. Choose whichever way is easiest for you. If you have any difficulties at all, click here to have your questions answered live by a member of our customer care support team, or if you prefer, either email us at customerservice@safehealthcafe.info.

Adding Items to Your Cart

Once you find an item you want simply click the "Add to Cart" button. You will automatically be taken to your Cart, where all you need to know about your item will appear, including the name of the item you want to order, how much you're ordering, and the price. Want more than one of an item? Simply change the number showing in the Quantity column and continue shopping.

SafeHealthCafe offers a lot of ways for you to continue shopping. Simply click the Continue Shopping button and you'll be returned to the last page you viewed, or use one of our other ways to find an item as described above. It's that easy. And, every time you add an item to your Cart, you will be taken back to your Cart, so you can easily keep track of what you've chosen. Also, you can see what's in your Cart at any time by clicking the View Cart icon at the top of every page!

Taking Items out of Your Cart

if you change your mind about an item already in your Cart, it's easy to remove. Just check the box under Remove and it will instantly be removed from your Cart.


Ready to Checkout? It's easy. Just click Checkout. This is when you'll be asked to enter the usual information, such as billing, shipping and payment information. If you have prescription items in your cart, you will need to tell us about your and give us information about your consultant, so that we can obtain authorization for the prescription items for you free of charge. Once all the information is there, you will be given an opportunity to review your order before you submit it. Then, simply press the "submit order" button at the bottom of the page and that's it.

Safety and Privacy

I've never used a credit card online before. Is it safe?

safehealthcafe.info uses an industry security standard called SSL to encrypt your order between your computer and our website and verify that any personal information is not redirected. Thousands of Internet based transactions are secured every day by this technology. For your protection and ours, we also employ a state-of-the-art fraud-detection system that minimizes the likelihood that your credit card will be fraudulently used.

If someone else finds my account information, can they use it to buy products?

Your account can not be reused without your authorization, our web site will always ask for your password, and your billing information such as Credit Card number. So keep your account password and credit card numbers safe.

What is safehealthcafe.info privacy policy?

At safehealthcafe.info we are committed to respecting and protecting your privacy. For full details on our Privacy Policy, click here.

About your Account Login

How can I access my account?

Ordered online before?

If you have previously ordered from us online, you can access your account through our Login page, either by clicking the "My Account" button, or the 'Sign in' button next to 'Returning Customers' both conveniently located on the top menu bar of practically every page of our website. You then have two ways to log in.

Haven't ordered online before, but want to access your account online?

If you previously ordered by telephone or through the mail and did not supply an email address, you still have an account that can be accessed through the website, and you can certainly place an order online now. You will need to supply us with an email address, but this can be done anytime, either before or after you've made your selections.

Just click on the "My Account" button or the "Sign in" button next to "Returning Customers," both conveniently located on the top menu bar of practically every page of our website. Then, click on "Need a Password?" And use either Option 2 or Option 3. After entering the required information, a new password will then be sent to the email address you've supplied.

What if I can't log in because I can't remember the e-mail address I used?

You can still access your account, even if you can't remember the email address that you previously used.

Just go to the Login page either by clicking the "My Account" button, or the 'Sign in' button next to 'Returning Customers,' both conveniently located on the top menu bar of practically every page of our website, and click on 'Forgot Your Password and/or E-Mail Address.' You can then use two of the three listed Options (Option 2 or Option 3).

After entering the required information (including some information requested for security reasons), a new password will then be sent to the email address you've supplied.

What if I can't log in because I forgot my password and the credit card I used with my last order?

You have a couple of options.

Just shop and when you're ready to checkout, enter the information requested of 'New Customers.' Based on the information you enter, unless your name and address have changed, we can match it to your current account. Any new information will automatically be updated. And, even if your name and address have changed, don't worry. It will just be as though you are opening a new account!!

If you still have the same email address from when you last ordered:

1) Go to the Login page, either by clicking the "My Account" button, or the 'Sign in' button next to 'Returning Customers,' both conveniently located on the top menu bar of practically every page of our website.

2) Click on 'Forgot Your Password and/or E-Mail Address?' And then use Option 1. A new password will be sent to you via email. You will then be able to access your account by following the login instruction in the 'How can I access my account?'paragraph above.

What if I want to change my password and/or e-mail address?

After you log in to your account, click on 'Update your Password and Email Address.' Your email address and current password will automatically appear here. Merely delete and enter the new information.

What if I just can't log on?

That's okay. You do not have to log on to place an order. Just shop as much as you want, and when you're ready to checkout, based on the information you enter, we can match it to your current account. Any new information will automatically be updated.

What if I am a new customer?

As a new customer you do not yet have an account, and don't need one in order to browse and make your selections. We suggest that you click on the 'Start here' button next to 'New Customers' to learn how easy it is to place an order with us online. Once you make your selections and 'Checkout' you will be asked to enter the information needed to get your order on its way to you. An account will then be created automatically for you and the next time you order, you just follow the instructions above on accessing your account.

Do you use cookies on your website?

We use cookies to make your shopping experience with us easy and convenient. If you would like to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies or disable cookies altogether, the Help button on your computer's toolbar should tell you how.

How secure is my Credit Card information?

We store your credit card information in a secure database which is completely separate from the website. Even when you log in using your email address and password we do not display your full credit card number. If you happen to log in to our website using a cookie, for your security, your stored credit card number is not used.

Who can I contact if I have other problems or questions?

If you have other problems related to logging in to our website that have not been answered here, you can contact us by calling 00971 479 9446918019 SafehealthCafe or sending us an email at customerservice@safehealthcafe.info

Product Return

How do I return a product?

'Include in the package the product(s) you are returning as well as the invoice.
If invoice is not available please include your customer number.
Please note why the product is being returned.
Print the label and fill out return address portion.
Tape label to package.
Give package to your postman or drop in a local post office.